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Superlative forms of adjectives quiz
  "Superlative" Geography Quiz
Superlative forms of adjectives quiz

Created by Nikita Kovalyov
Updated: May 2004

Superlative forms of adjectives quiz "Superlative" Geography Quiz

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This is a geography quiz for the learners of English as a second language which practices the superlative forms of adjectives.

1) What is the second highest mountain in the world?

      a) Tibet
      b) K2
      c) Everest
      d) Peak of Ismoil Somoni (the former peak of Communism)

2) Speaking about territory, what is the second biggest European country?

      a) Russia
      b) Germany
      c) France
      d) Ukraine

3) What is the second biggest American state?

      a) Texas
      b) Alaska
      c) Iowa
      d) California

4) What is the most remotely located island?

      a) Tristan da Cunha
      b) Easter Island
      c) St. Helen's Island
      d) Peter the Great Island

5) Which one is the world's fifth most populated city?

      a) Bombay
      b) New York
      c) Moscow
      d) Seoul

6) What is the highest man-raised structure ever made?

      a) Ostankino Tower in Moscow
      b) Empire State Building in New York
      c) CNN Tower in Toronto
      d) The Egyptian Pyramids

7) What is the most densely populated city in the world?

      a) Mehico (or Mexico), Mexico
      b) Hong Kong, China
      c) Tokyo Yokohama, Japan
      d) Lagos, Nigeria

8) What is the biggest island?

      a) Australia
      b) Madagascar
      c) Greenland
      d) New Zealand

9) What is the smallest country in the world?

      a) Monaco
      b) The Vatican
      c) Luxemburg
      d) Sri Lanka

10) Which one is the second longest river?

      a) The Nile
      b) The Mississippi
      c) The Danube
      d) The Amazon


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