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Eclectic English Wishing List
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Eclectic English Wishing List

Created by: Nikita Kovalyov
Updated: May 2004

Eclectic English Wishing List Eclectic English Wishing List

This page is a collection of ideas on what we should add to the website. All you ideas, comments, suggestions, or criticism are looked forward and very much appreciated.

  1. Short-Time Goals

    • New Design
    • Logo
    • Slogan
    • Characters (Mad Hatter; Fellow in a bowler hat, etc)
    • Ranking systems for the content pages
    • Discussion forum

  2. Further Content

    • Listening
    • Mistakes Correction
    • Survival English & English for Life
    • Dialogues
    • Slang
    • Idioms
    • British - American English
    • Swear Words
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Useful Links section / Link Exchange

  3. Miscellaneous

    • Create units which would practice different language skills and would have one main topic, for example, describing people and would include vocabulary, grammar, dialogues, reading, mid-progress test, progress test, listening etc.
    • Separate subscription for the News section
    • Try Macromedia Flash content pages
    • Automated ranking system for the web pages
    • Possibilities for visitors to add their own content

  4. Long Range Goals

    • Ranking for registered visitors
    • Contests
    • Certificates for visitors who have competed certain amount of online units


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