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Created by: Nikita Kovalyov
Updated: January 2003

Baby Steps Scavenger Hunt - Teacher's Notes - Answers

Teacher's Notes

  • Activity
    Group or pair work: surfing the Internet; reading and speaking

  • Level
    Any starting from lower Intermediate

  • Aim
    Using English language for a practical task - learning basics of searching various kinds of information on the Internet

  • Functions
    Authentic use of language

  • Vocabulary
    Computer related and general

  • Preparation

    One or two days prior to the lesson:

    If you are an International House Kharkiv teacher, get in touch with me and get the e-mail account details where your students' results will be sent to.

    If you aren't from International House Kharkiv, get in touch with me and I will upload a different page for you that will forward your students' results to your e-mail. I don't need your mail servers or passwords, only the e-mail!

    If you have never done this hunt before it might be a good idea to spend some time doing it yourself.

  • Time
    From one to two hours

  • Possible procedures

    5-15 minutes

    Ask your students to work in pairs or small groups and talk about whether or not they like surfing the Internet or using computers. They could also talk about their favourite web sites, forums, etc. Then have some kind of a brief class discussion.

    Vocabulary presentation
    10-15 minutes

    You can introduce any vocabulary items you think are appropriate for this lesson. Here are some possible words:

    search engine; surfing; search terms; window; web page; forward; URL; form; browser; click; world wide web

    You can have you students drill these vocabulary items

    Learning searching with Google
    20-25 minutes

    Ask the students how they got to know their favourite web sites and if they sometimes use search engines to locate the information on the Internet. What is their most popular search engine? Has anyone in the group ever used Google (

    Have your students open their browsers and go to the Google Help Central (

    Your students should spend at least 20 minutes learning searching with Google and trying out some of the searches.

    Doing the Scavenger Hunt
    20-40 minutes

    Students go to the following address and try to complete the Baby Steps Scavenger Hunt

    If they aren't very good with computers they don't have to complete the entire task. They could do as much and as little as they want. Or you can even have a competition among them who can do it faster and more accurate.

    Checking the answers
    10-15 minutes

    After you students have completed the Hunt, give them the Answer sheet and provide them with some free time trying the suggested search terms.

    Closing Discussion
    5-7 minutes

    Have you students talk whether they liked it and what new they have learned.

    You could also print out their Scavenger Hunt results and put them in the classroom.

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