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Interactive Exercises Troubleshooting
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Interactive Exercises Troubleshooting

Created by: Nikita Kovalyov
Updated: April 2003

Interactive Exercises Troubleshooting Interactive Exercises Troubleshooting Page

  1. You browser must be able to handle Java. Actually, most browsers can. Usually, if you don't have Java Virtual Machine installed on your computer, when you try to access the applet web page, you get an invitation to download a Java plug-in for your browser.

  2. You need to have Java enabled. For example, if you have Internet Explore 5.0, you need to go to "Tools", "Internet Options...", "Advanced", find "Microsoft VM" and check "JIT compiler for Virtual Machine Enabled (requires restart)"

  3. Try closing and reopening your browser window.

  4. If you still can not make the applet work, then you will have to go to Sun Microsystems website ( and download the Java Virtual Machine (

    The file can be up to 15 Mb big, but the good news is that you will have to do it only one time. It is also a good idea to keep the original downloaded file, because if you reinstall Windows, you will not have to download it again.

  5. If you still can't make the applet work, please send me an email from the Contact Page. Please, let me know your operation system and browser version. I would also be grateful for a brief description what the applet page looks like.

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